Why Outsource Your Marketing Automation?
Efficiency, Skill, & Quality ... from Day One.

By Jordan Hellyer
President, Easy Marketing Automation Canada

You understand the value of Marketing Automation software, and have invested in Marketo. You are excited, and ready to increase operational efficiency, generate new leads, and grow revenue.

The only problem – the learning curve.

If you’re a smaller company who hasn’t worked with automation in the past, it can be challenging to get an internal asset up-to-speed quickly.

To lessen the learning curve, and to have an up-to-speed asset from day one, we’ve been seeing lots of companies hire an outsourced, off-site Marketo Expert.

Whether your goal is to farm out these tasks indefinitely or just until your internal team is comfortable doing the work themselves, outsourcing to a highly skilled marketing automation professional or firm is a strong approach for a variety of reasons.

Provides Skill & Speed
Technology is only as helpful as its user, and with automated marketing, this concept is especially true. Because of the complexity of the process, having someone with expert training, knowledge, and experience, such as a marketing automation consultant, is the key to success. By outsourcing, your company will be able to bypass the costly mistakes and slow learning curves that internal employees often experience. Professional marketing automation consultants that have been carefully trained in the various skills required (such as data input, segmentation, lead scoring, and analytics) can get you the results you desire quickly, accurately, and cost effectively.

Delivers Quality
Another great reason to outsource to a marketing automation consultant or firm is because it will give your company much higher quality results than internally operated campaigns. Why? It is because you don’t have to guess or experiment to find out what works. Experts in the field have already blazed a pathway to success and can use this familiarity of automation marketing to get you the best results possible!

Saves Resources
While there is a cost associated with outsourcing marketing automation, companies often save money and other resources in the long run. When you consider all the components that go into managing a marketing automation platform, such as IT set up and support, lead scoring advice, segmentation marketing, and campaign assistance, it is easy to see how quickly internal resources can be stretched to the max. Additionally, there are high startup costs to consider with internal campaigns, such as in-depth training programs.

Creates Strategic Opportunities
Oftentimes, with internally run marketing automation, top employees and marketing experts miss strategic opportunities and have trouble seeing the “big picture” because they are so involved with their role and work within the campaign. Businesses that outsource to marketing automation professionals, on the other hand, often experience greater clarity of focus and more effectiveness within their staff in the area of strategy and insights.

About Easy Marketing Automation Canada
Marketing automation requires a great deal of time and effort to learn, and even more skill and training to execute. At Easy Marketing Automation Canada, we can help your company get up and running quickly. From the design and copy of email marketing campaigns and landing pages to the setup of marketing funnels, segment data, and lead scoring, Easy Marketing Automation Canada can help you through every step of the process. Contact us now for your free consultation at: info@marketing-automation.ca. We look forward to hearing from you!