Marketing Automation Failures

How New User Immaturity Leads to Disappointing Results

By Jordan Hellyer
President, Easy Marketing Automation Canada

Companies that have embraced marketing automation software often are not achieving the results that are possible. Why? One report, presented by Forrester Consulting, provides some answers.

The report, entitled “Automation: Redefining Marketing’s Game Plan”, provides the survey results from about 155 marketing professionals in the US who have used marketing automation. Basically, it lists several key reasons why an investment in marketing automation may not be providing maximum results for some companies. Interestingly enough, each of the listed areas all have one thing in users fail to understand the software.

One major reason why results are limited is largely due to a new user’s focus. In many cases, those using marketing automation seem to spend much of their resources and time on making sure that the technology end is efficient. While technology is important, addressing tactical needs alone can hurt the overall success.

A second area to be considered is strategy. New users tend to zero in on the short term gains, such as response metrics and improving marketing efficiency, and fail to utilize and see the larger, longer term advantages that can be obtained. Forrester specifically mentions “improving lifetime value, building dialog with customers, and increasing collaboration”, just to name a few.

Thirdly, marketing automation software is often underutilized in the area of customer acquisition and communications. For example, Forrester says that immature users often neglect to leverage marketing automation software in the area of lead nurturing because their attention is mainly on acquisition. Additionally, simple communications like “batch and blast” campaigns are usually preferred by new users as well. Those who are veterans, like marketing automation consultants, typically know how to make better use of the software to cultivate deeper customer relationships.

Marketing automation software is vastly intelligent and complex, leading to a serious learning curve for those who are training. One simple solution, though, is to consider hiring a team of qualified marketing automation consultants to assist with the process. Here are some advantages to doing so.

Eliminates Frustration:
Nothing is worse than taking a dive into an investment, only to be grossly disappointed with the outcome and results. In most cases, the frustrations that companies and individuals experience with marketing automation software are not because of the technology, but because of inexperienced users. Hiring a Marketo consultant or other marketing automation consultant can eliminate many frustrations and cause the introduction of the software to run much more smoothly.

Increases Collaboration:
Secondly, marketing automation consultants understand the various components of the software and how they can be fully utilized on many fronts. Because of this, companies can use this knowledge to integrate into sales, customer service, and other departments, increasing the results in a variety of divisions.

Provides A Plan:
Planning is a huge part of achieving great results with marketing automation software. By having a professional marketing automation consultant assist with this process, companies are more likely to create a high-quality plan and a strong vision for what they want to achieve.

Quickens Results:
When a company invests in a new technology, such as marketing automation software, there is often immense pressure to see results quickly. While it is an additional investment, hiring a marketing automation consultant will quicken the wait time for seeing a return on this investment.

Finding the right Marketo consultant or marketing automation consultant is simple, and takes the guesswork out of the process. It saves time, frustrations, and provides results much more quickly. Simply put, it is the right choice for those who are getting started with marketing automation in Canada.

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