You’ve made the Leap into Marketing Automation…
…Now What?

By Jordan Hellyer
President, Easy Marketing Automation Canada

As with any new technology, process, or strategy, companies should expect to experience a time of learning and adjustment. While marketing automation will be no exception to this, knowing what to do and what to avoid as you get started will likely shorten this phase and give you a quicker return on your investment. Follow these tips for information on lead monitoring, content response success, lead scoring, and marketing automation consultants.

Lead Tracking
Tracking leads to their precise location is one huge advantage of marketing automation software and having this information is a huge advantage to companies. It not only lets them accurately judge their response rates, but also gives them a much better idea of where to effectively spend their advertising dollars at in the future. When you first employ marketing automation software, be sure to revisit all available lead sources and track them. Some areas may have been discounted in the past because they were hard to accurately monitor, but may have great potential for lead generation. While it may be an investment of time and effort to accomplish this, the end result will be statistical data that provides your company knowledge of what to keep, what to cut, and what to expand in terms of marketing investments.

Content Management
So many times, companies fail to see a good response rate from their content because it isn’t serving the customer. Consumers want content that adds value to them, and not just lengthy sales pitches. As you begin with marketing automation, take time to perform a thorough audit of all content. Pieces that are helpful and useful to the customer should be kept and possibly featured, while content that simply “shows off” a company or product should be evaluated and modified. If you find that you are lacking valuable content, now is the time to start writing new pieces. Marketing automation software that delivers the value-added content that customers want to read and respond to is a key to success!

Lead Scoring
Another feature that makes marketing automation extremely valuable is lead scoring. Items like demographics, behavior patterns, and qualification criteria of a buyer can tell a company exactly what they want to know about their leads. Patterns can also be traced within the buying cycle, letting the company know common places where leads tend to become uninterested and terminate their contact or inquiry. In order to see the very best results, it is imperative that you take time to define the parameters of a lead scoring model as it relates to your company’s needs. As you continue through the process, don’t be afraid to change a criterion that isn’t working, or add values that you didn’t think of initially.

Expert Opinion
Too often, companies spend excessive amounts of time and money trying to learn the “bones” of automation marketing software and have no resources leftover for utilizing the valuable features it offers. When this happens, frustration and regret over implementing the software can follow. To avoid this, call in the experts! Marketing automation consultant teams are one way to jumpstart your success. A Marketo consultant from Marketing Automation Canada, for example, can answer questions, provide insight into the intricacies of the system, and also produce results from the marketing automation software quickly. Having the help of marketing automation consultants also will free up more time for internal teams to focus on things like content writing, lead nurturing, strategy development and sales.