Build a More Powerful HubSpot Sales Dashboard with These Reports

Accurate reporting is critical to your business’ success. Not only does it give your sales leaders visibility into metrics that matter, but it’s the key to driving and supporting business-driven decisions.

Hubspot’s reporting and sales analytics tool can give you deep insights into your pipeline, help you accurately forecast revenue and ensure your team members are hitting their goals. But with the myriad of default reports available, you may be wondering which reports would be of most value to your sales team.

In this blog post we will outline our top four favorite sales reports that will make your Hubspot Sales dashboard more powerful, help your team make more strategic decisions and improve the overall sales process.

Deal Stage Funnel

This report gives you visibility into the number of deals in each stage of the pipeline you selected, and the conversion rate reflecting how these deals move down the pipeline (for example demo > contract sent > closed won).

You have the option to include deals in any stage of the pipeline or only those that progress down the pipeline in order. Keep in mind that the first option will not allow you to see conversions percentages.

Deal Forecast

This report will allow your team to see how much revenue your organization is likely to close from open deals. The forecasted deal amount is calculated using deal amounts, multiplied by the deal probability in your sales team’s pipeline. Make sure that you have an amount and a close date associated with the deal, in order for this information to show.

Using this report, you can keep an eye on your forecasted revenue by week, month or quarter, helping you to determine how much additional effort is needed to achieve the assigned quota.

Deal Closed vs Goal

As a sales leader, you need to accurately track the performance of your team. Hubspot goals allow you to create user-specific quotas for your sales team and assign them on the user, team or pipeline level.

You can then report on the success of your team with the Deal Closed vs Goal report. This report will provide you with an overview of the deals closed in a particular time frame, the revenue that they brought in and how this compares to the goals you set for your team.

Team Activity Totals

This report gives you an overview of the total productivity of your sales team by providing an insight into the number of calls, tasks, notes, emails and meetings your reps are logging. You can filter this report by date and also compare it to the previous month.

Tracking sales activity is crucial to the success of your business, and it also advises management whether specific incentives or strategies need to be set in place to boost performance.

Does your organization have more specific or custom reporting needs? Our Hubspot Architects are experts who have created custom reports for almost any scenario and are happy to help you present your data, the way you like. Contact us to discuss!

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