Platform Implementation

Create a Solid Foundation to Make the Most of Your Marketing Automation or CRM Investment

“When implementing new CRM platforms its critical to utilize MAC to ensure a succesful foundation for future initiatives and to ensure integrations with other platforms are correctly established.”

Kathleen F.

VP of Marketing

What We Offer

We understand the importance of a successful implementation that scales with your business. We help you start off on the right foot by setting a strong initial foundation.

Strategic Deployment and Implementation

We work with your team to understand your business case, challenges and goals, and recommend an implementation plan which sets the foundation for success for years to come. Implementation Roadmap may include:

Exclusive Approach to Your Needs

Our client-centric approach means we tailor our services to your specific goals. We work with you on your priorities, within your budget. Whether you want just a basic set up, or something much more customized and robust, our team is dedicated to delivering a solution that precisely meets your needs.

Strategy, Execution and Beyond

Once your brand new instance is configured according to design, we enable you to make the most out of it by providing ongoing support and training. Whether you need someone to fully manage your system, to be available for the occasional question or show you how it’s done and review and provide feedback, we help ensure your platform investment is a success.

Backend Setup

From initial configuration to final testing, we ensure all components work together harmoniously, minimizing disruptions to your operations. Set up includes:

  • CNAME Configuration
  • User Roles
  • Fallback page
  • Guidance on setting up SPF/DKIM protocols
  • Guidance on Whitelisting IPs
  • Guidance on setting up Website Tracking

CRM Sync

Unified Data Flow

We enable seamless communication between your CRM and MA instance, ensuring customer data remains consistent and up-to-date across all platforms.

Accurate Data Transfer

No more discrepancies or errors—our team ensures the accurate transfer and real-time synchronization of customer data between systems. You’ll have reliable information across all platforms.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

We offer next-level possibilities for automating your sales and marketing workflows. Our team will create synergy between your departments by seamlessly integrating your new MA instance with your CRM system.

Email & Landing Page Templates

Customized Branding

We’ll enable you to quickly and easily design stunning, emails and landing pages using templates which have been customized to align with your brand identity and maximize conversions.

Streamline Content Personalization

Our user-friendly templates allow your team to quickly and easily create personalized email campaigns and landing pages.

Maximize Performance Right Away

Our certified MA experts will configure reports which allow you to see real time promotions are performing well, and what can benefit from optimization.

Program Frameworks

Tailored Strategy Development

We work closely with your team to develop customized program frameworks to enable your team to quickly and easily set up key marketing campaigns such as email blasts, events and webinars, whitepapers and ebooks, and more.  

Comprehensive Workflow Design

By mapping out the customer journey and identifying key touchpoints, we create results-driven workflows for driving engagement, conversions, lead nurturing, and segmentation.

Measurable Results

Our frameworks include report templates with KPI tracking to provide visibility into the performance of your operations, addressing the specific needs of your stakeholders.

User Training

Lead Source Capture

We investigate your Lead Source and Lead Source Detail (LSD) capture to ensure you are reliably getting the data you need to understand exactly which campaigns are generating the best leads. This is a crucial feature for your lead generation strategy.

Data Normalization

We’ll take a look at your automated data processing flows, which ensure all data is formatted similarly, enabling better filtering and segmentation. This process also makes it easier for different platforms to sync with each other.

Scalable Alert Programs

We’ll take a look at the consistency and reliability of your alert program to ensure it will boost communication, visibility, and trust for your team.

Setting Up Core Programs

Integrated Program Implementation

We collaborate with your teams to integrate all necessary core programs, including webform submission tracking, data normalization, and scoring models, lead lifecycles, preference centers buyer journey traffic management and more.

Strategic Alignment

Our team works closely with yours to ensure core programs are strategically aligned with your business objectives. Whether you’re focusing on driving sales, increasing engagement, or improving customer retention, we help design programs that support your goals.

Leverage Industry Best Practices

We implement industry best practices for your marketing automation initiatives at an enterprise level, configuring journeys, audience and content builders, tools, integrations, and other features your new instance offers.

Marketing Automation Corp. provides expert, certified MA and Salesforce consulting — from strategy, to development and beyond. With over 15 years in the industry, and 1250+ clients served, MAC is the #1 leader in Marketing Automation & CRM Consulting.

What Sets Us Apart

Flexible Billing

Choose between set scope, by-the-hour, or longer-term monthly retainer contracts—whichever suits you best!

Collaborative Approach

We’re here to support you in your goals, whatever they may be. From strategy to execution, we fit seamlessly into your flow.

No Middleman

Work directly with a dedicated team of certified experts. After all, your team knows you best.

End-To-End Support

Collaborate with our design team, web development team, or CRM team. We have you covered, whatever your needs are.

Deep Industry Expertise

Established in 2008, we have deep industry knowledge with clients across all verticals, from start-ups to enterprises, local and global.

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