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“What I enjoy most about working with the team at MAC is that they understand our business and feel like a part of the team. They discuss the scenario, best practices and various alternatives, all the while educating us on the platform.”

What We Offer

Whether you’re migrating from one MA or CRM platform to another, or merging two different instances together, we have the expertise to make your process as smooth as possible. We understand that your MA and CRM platforms are the lifeblood to your pipeline. We take that seriously. 

We ensure your migration is implemented efficiently, thoughtfully, and according to best practices so you can be confident that you will emerge with a system that serves you well.

Strategy Development

We recognize your project’s scope and characteristics depend on the size and complexity of your database and content. Our system migration process includes:

  • Conducting a thorough assessment of your current and future needs
  • Identifying key priorities, dependencies, and potential hurdles
  • Collaborating with all stakeholders to ensure unification among teams
  • Establishing a detailed project management plan and setting a realistic timeline for execution

Migrating and Merging

A great strategy must be backed with great execution. We do the heavy lifting of moving your campaigns and programs from one instance to another, reconfiguring per design, QAing and testing. The result is an efficient, timely, and error-free configuration, a smooth go-live, and a foundation which your team can rely on.

Personalized Service Approach

We understand that everyone has different priorities and budgets. We listen to your needs, and work within them for a fully customized solution. We review your challenges, goals, and business priorities, and customize your new instance to meet your technical requirements, while ensuring it can scale with your business smoothly for years to come. The result is a system that serves your business needs, without the unnecessary expenditure in places you wont get value from.

Setup and Customization

Best Practices

Our consultants dive deep into your processes and strategies to suggest the best solutions, tools, and integration methods. Our review includes:

  • New platform recommendations
  • Standard and custom integrations
  • Setup preferences and opt-in management
  • Complete redesign of the system architecture
  • Setup of business units

Test Third-Party Apps

We specialize in identifying and integrating third-party apps and extensions into your new instance, addressing any compatibility issues and unlocking new possibilities for your growth.

Set Up Redirects

We ensure that your current team or customers can still access your system during the transition, minimizing disruptions and maintaining a positive user experience.

Comprehensive Testing

We thoroughly test all automation sequences and triggers to ensure your new platform works perfectly. We’ll identify any discrepancies that require attention.

Data and Asset Migration

Data Cleansing

Our data cleansing process ensures your data is ready to use on your new instance by eliminating data loss, updating outdated data, removing duplicates, and fixing inaccuracies.

Data Conversion, Standardization, and Transfer

We assess data formats in each system, convert them into a new format for your instance, and map each data element to ensure a seamless transfer without losses.

Data Backups and Testing

We prioritize data backups and conduct comprehensive tests to ensure everything is correctly set up, double-checking every detail for reliability.

Asset Migration

We rebuild the necessary campaigns, automation, emails, nurture programs, landing pages, forms, lists and more, so you can quickly and easily pick up where you left off after go-live.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Aggregated Reporting

We update reporting and analytics according to your needs, providing a holistic view of your operations and results.

KPI Definition

In collaboration with your team, we define goals, KPIs, and metrics for your new instance. We’ll implement a framework to track and measure progress effectively.

Progress Reporting

We set realistic goals and expectations, provide KPIs to measure results, and continuously report on your project’s status.

Train and Enable Users

Training with Experts

Our experts provide hands-on training and guidance to ensure your staff quickly becomes proficient with the new system.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Whether you need someone to help with general maintenance on your behalf, or run questions by as needed, we have multiple contract types to support you on an ongoing basis, to keep your new instance up to date and running flawlessly.

Marketing Automation Corp. provides expert, certified MA and Salesforce consulting — from strategy, to development and beyond. With over 15 years in the industry, and 1250+ clients served, MAC is the #1 leader in Marketing Automation & CRM Consulting.

What Sets Us Apart

Flexible Billing

Choose between set scope, by-the-hour, or longer-term monthly retainer contracts—whichever suits you best!

Collaborative Approach

We’re here to support you in your goals, whatever they may be. From strategy to execution, we fit seamlessly into your flow.

No Middleman

Work directly with a dedicated team of certified experts. After all, your team knows you best.

End-To-End Support

Collaborate with our design team, web development team, or CRM team. We have you covered, whatever your needs are.

Deep Industry Expertise

Established in 2008, we have deep industry knowledge with clients across all verticals, from start-ups to enterprises, local and global.

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