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Seamlessly Integrate Your Sales and Marketing Systems to Maximize Efficiency

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What We Offer

Sales and Marketing teams at odds? We get it. Sometimes incentivization and priorities are mismatched, causing disagreement on how things ought to be done. Our certified experts are well versed in both MA and CRM platforms, allowing them to speak both languages and unify the teams with a plan that everyone is happy with, so everyone is working in lockstep.

Strategic Refresh

The most important thing in the buyer journey is to be connected with a live agent when they are ready to talk – no sooner, no later. We will help you establish that sweet spot, and set up processes to ensure leads are being picked up and actioned as promptly as possible, by the person best suited to help them. This may include optimizing MAP to CRM sync, implementing a scoring model or lead lifecycle, alerts, follow up triggers and more.

Collaborative Reporting

We can implement data synchronization across both departments and configure custom dashboards, so both teams can keep an eye on the KPIs that matter most to them. Optimizing data flow allows marketing teams to attribute revenue generated to specific campaigns, allowing them to make more informed decisions centered around ROI.

With unified reporting and analytics, your teams can monitor the efficiency of their strategies and collectively decide how to improve their efforts.

Expert Training and Guidance

Our certified experts are ready to help both teams achieve their goals. We provide all the assets, resources, training, guidance, and best practices to ensure your marketing and sales staff work seamlessly together.

During the implementation and synchronization process, we work closely with your team members, gathering their feedback, opinions, and suggestions. We aim to provide ongoing support and tips to ensure their collaboration is a success.

Integration and Sync Audit

Robust Planning

We design the entire project scope, including all steps of the process. We’ll share the right integration techniques, how the new workflow operates, expected results, and more. You can count on us for complete project management from start to finish, along with ongoing support after implementation.

Seamless Integration

We assist in integrating and synchronizing all necessary tools and systems. We’ll create a centralized database to store detailed customer information and track interactions across all touchpoints. We adjust the structure, format, and value of data to ensure everything fits together perfectly.

Data Synchronization

We address data inconsistencies, ensuring datasets in multiple locations are always consistent, updated, and easily accessible. Your entire organization will have the access they need.

Unified Lead Management

Ideal Lead Scoring

We’ll align marketing and sales teams to establish a unified approach to lead scoring criteria and objectives. This alignment enables both teams to prioritize leads more effectively, boosting conversion rates.

Lead Lifecycles

We’ll make sure you can see lead interactions with marketing or sales touchpoints in real time. For example, if a lead downloads a resource, sales reps will instantly receive information about the interaction, allowing them to approach leads with context.

Unified Lead Nurturing

Our consultants empower your marketing team to use MA data to improve lead nurturing, making communication more personalized and moving leads through the sales funnel more effectively.

Strategies Alignment

Goals Synergy

We help define specific goals and establish proper KPIs to track both teams. MAC will implement the right analytics and reporting tools to monitor CRM and MA efforts.

Data-Driven Decision Making

You’ll gain valuable insights into leads, customer behavior, and campaign performance to track ROI and measure the effectiveness of efforts. Your team can optimize strategies with real-time feedback from both departments.

Strategies Review

Your organization will receive a thorough analysis of your current strategies and actionable insights to aim with your new integrated workflow.

Seamless Internal Communication

Automated Triggers

Our experts enable actions to trigger specific marketing and sales automations. This can involve automatically sending follow-up emails, requesting feedback, suggesting recommendations, and more.

Content Revamp

We help sales and marketing teams map content to categorize which would be most effective at each stage of the customer journey. Our process includes delivering content templates and recommendations for a content framework to leverage the new integration.

Improved Customer Service

Our services include helping your customer service team by providing a holistic view of customers from a marketing and sales perspective, leading to faster resolution times.


Proper Staff Training

We train and empower all users to understand the new processes, goals, metrics, and more. This comprehensive training from our 15+ years of experience ensures the best use of the new workflow and enhances team collaboration.

Effortless Adaptation

Our team will provide easy-to-use dashboards, tools, and features to enable your marketing and sales teams to work together without hassle. The process includes redefining your onboarding to help new hires quickly learn the ropes.

Management Transformation

Through our training, your management team will understand how to create new strategies within the updated workflow. We’ll provide recommendations to ensure successful integration between teams.

Marketing Automation Corp. provides expert, certified MA and Salesforce consulting — from strategy, to development and beyond. With over 15 years in the industry, and 1250+ clients served, MAC is the #1 leader in Marketing Automation & CRM Consulting.

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Work directly with a dedicated team of certified experts. After all, your team knows you best.

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Collaborate with our design team, web development team, or CRM team. We have you covered, whatever your needs are.

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