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What We Offer

Want to maximize the effectiveness of your MA/CRM platform and get more value out of your investment? We provide a comprehensive evaluation of your current setup and clarify your next steps.

Health Check

We conduct a thorough analysis of your existing set up, evaluating its configuration, integrations, and data management practices to ensure your instance is functioning as intended. By comparing your processes to industry best practices, we’ll identify any foundational weaknesses and provide actionable recommendations to optimize your setup and improve overall platform performance.

Unlocking Unused Modules

Feel like your platform is only working part-time? Identify underused features, tools, or modules that you are already paying for. We’ll provide guidance on how to use them to make your system work harder for you.

By identifying unused automation, you could potentially save your team countless hours of work and headaches, while delivering a stand-out customer experience.

Crawl, Walk, Run Upgrade

After validating your foundation, and ensuring all aspects of your instance are being leveraged, we look at how to take your existing set-up to the next level. We will make recommendations on which modules could most benefit from a strategic refresh, to upgrade you from a basic setup to a sophisticated instance, focusing on where your efforts will make the most impact on ROI.

Database Quality

Quality Standards

Improved data quality translates to better targeting and higher conversion rates.  We’ll help you identify database weaknesses including duplicate issues, uncontactable leads, inconsistent data capture, and outdated data. 

We make recommendations for focus to reduce the cost of your platform, improve engagement rates, minimize risk of sync errors, and improve targeted messaging and personalization techniques.

Integration Audit

We know how critical it is for your data to sync seamlessly across platforms. We take a look at your integration set up, looking for configuration issues which may cause records to be rejected, including mismatched field types, incorrect syntax version incompatibilities, user permission limitations, mismatched data fields, and and more. Rest assured that your integrations are working reliably, as designed.

Lead Pipeline Flow

Review Scoring Model

Are your most valuable leads being prioritized consistently? We’ll help you find out. We will take a look at your scoring model to ensure the right kinds of scoring is being implemented consistently across records.

Improve the Revenue Cycle Model

We’ll ensure you have the most effective flow from lead generation to sale. You can count on us to help you integrate lead nurturing and lead scoring into one holistic system.

Next-Level Personalization

Get rid of generic interactions and implement high-level customization in all of your channels. We suggest strategies to automatically communicate with your leads in a way that feels personal..

Module Usage

Maximize Module Usage

You don’t know what you don’t know. We’ll take a look at your set up and identify modules which are under-utilized. We’ll point out the best ways to get more value out of them, quickly, to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness.  

Address Unused Modules

Are there unused modules that you’re still paying for? We’ll highlight the features which are going untouched, and educate you on how they can be implemented into your strategy to get more out of your system.

Eliminate Redundancy

Maybe you are paying for a redundant module, tool, or integration. Another tool you already have could replace one of your modules. We’ll help you identify these redundant modules so you can cut down on costs.

Operational Processing

Lead Source Capture

We investigate your Lead Source and Lead Source Detail (LSD) capture to ensure you are reliably getting the data you need to understand exactly which campaigns are generating the best leads. This is a crucial feature for your lead generation strategy.

Data Normalization

We’ll take a look at your automated data processing flows, which ensure all data is formatted similarly, enabling better filtering and segmentation. This process also makes it easier for different platforms to sync with each other.

Scalable Alert Programs

We’ll take a look at the consistency and reliability of your alert program to ensure it will boost communication, visibility, and trust for your team.

Marketing Automation Corp. provides expert, certified MA and Salesforce consulting — from strategy, to development and beyond. With over 15 years in the industry, and 1250+ clients served, MAC is the #1 leader in Marketing Automation & CRM Consulting.

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