3 Tips To Optimize Your Landing Pages

First impressions are critical when starting a relationship with a new lead. But, as we all know, the difficulty with first impressions is you only have one shot at making them right!

In the digital marketing world, landing pages are a key source of lead generation – which means they are also often the first touch point representing your brand. A good landing page can entice your lead to fill a form, which opens the door for you to continue the conversation – but with a few mishaps, this opportunity could be lost forever.

Interested to learn how you can make the most of your landing pages (and to make the best first impression)? Check out our “3 Tips to Optimize your Landing Pages” below!

When setting up forms in your landing page, limit it to one key call-to-action (CTA) – a value proposition to entice your lead to fill the form. Make sure the value proposition is clear and summarized. For example, by using a form headline like “Get your ebook” and a submission button like “Read now”.

Keep your content short and relevant. Make sure you are focusing on what the lead wants to know (like what they will learn in the ebook) – and not what you want them to know (like why your company is awesome!)

Use bullet points where possible. Expect your lead to spend 30 seconds scanning the page.The eye is drawn to bullet points, so you will get a lot more information communicated through bullets, rather than through paragraph text.

Choose your graphics wisely! Make sure it represents your brand, but is also relevant to the content. Less is more!

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a revered classic statement for a reason. A compelling image that evokes an emotional response can engage potential customers with the product or service you want to provide. This type of engagement has been proven to help solidify the start of a good customer journey.

When possible, avoid stock imagery – and try to share human faces. A prime example would be an image of the speaker in a webinar, or of a client headshot on a case study. But be creative!

We may start to sound like a broken record, but this tip is critical for all things in Marketing Automation. Make sure you look at your landing page on mobile, on different browsers, and at different window sizes. Nothing ruins a first impression worse than a poorly rendering landing page!

Read your content over – and read it out loud. The brain has a habit of filling in the blanks when there is a typo or a missing word – which is harder to miss when reading aloud!

Fill out your forms. Did you receive an auto-confirmation email? Did the back-end programs trigger as you would like (eg. score the lead, add them to a nurture, etc.)? The form fill is just the beginning of the lead journey – so ensure there are steps in place to continue the conversation promptly.Did your form fill land on the correct thank you page? Are all the links working properly?

You get the point! Testing is critical for ensuring the lead has a great first impression, so don’t skip this step!

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