3 Tips for Using Sequences in HubSpot

Hubspot offers its users a variety of sales enablement tools allowing sales teams to save time by automating repetitive tasks. The Sequences tool can be used to automate sales communications by creating and scheduling a personalized string of messages to prospects.

Unlike marketing emails, sequence emails do not include any images or styling, ultimately making them look like any other email you would directly get from a sales rep. Not only does this tool ensure that your prospects are followed up with in a timely manner, but an individual is automatically unenrolled from the sequence when they respond to an email.

In this blog post, we will uncover our best practices for using Hubspot sequences so your sales team can make best use of the features available to them.

Segment Your Audience

When it comes to marketing, segmentation is key to effective personalization. Top of funnel messaging differs from middle and bottom of funnel communication. Not every prospect is on the same stage in the sales journey- and your language and information provided in the sequence should reflect that. If your leads belong to a variety of industries or verticals, it might make sense to create separate sequences to address their unique challenges. You may also consider creating sequences for specific events like webinars, trade shows, post-demo requests, etc.

Include Tasks

Whole automating email communication sure saves your sales team time and effort, you can’t solely rely on sequences to make the engagement effective. Hubspot gives you an option to create follow-up tasks after each email is sent out. This could be a simple note, reminding the rep to call the prospect to follow up on the email they sent or engage with them on LinkedIn. It’s also a good practice to include a task at the end of the sequence to add them to a list or evaluate their interactions.

It goes without saying, but make sure to take the time to review the effectiveness of your sequences by carefully studying the open, click and response data you have available in Hubspot.

Looking for help in setting up Hubspot sequences? Our seasoned Hubspot Architects will carefully consider your requirements and structure your Hubspot sequences to meet the needs of both today and tomorrow with fully scalable solutions that respect your process, use cases, and technical requirements.

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